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Fashion & Technology: An In Depth Look Behind Zendaya's Animatronic MET Gala Look!

Back in May, when Zendaya hit the red carpet of the annual MET Gala in New York City, she dazzled everyone in a custom animatronic Cinderella dress designed by Tommy Hilfiger. With the MET Gala theme being "CAMP: Notes On Fashion" Zendaya and her longtime stylist LAW Roach decided to take a kitschy approach to the theme by paying homage to classic Disney film "Cinderella" while simultaneously announce Zendaya's official departure from her Disney image by depicting the scene where the Fairy Godmother transforms Cinderella's tattered rags into her beautiful sparkly ballgown.

So how did the magic all come about???? In order to recreate the magical moment in the Cinderella film, Zendaya along with LAW Roach, and the Tommy Hilfiger team decided that they needed the help of engineers, and that is precisely what they did when they sought out the engineering team behind the robotic dresses for Hussein Chalayan’s robotic dresses in his Spring 2007 Haute Couture Collection. The Tommy Hilfiger team sent exclusively behind the scenes images to VOGUE magazine documenting the process of the entire project.

Fashion creations, as any creation all, begin with a sketch of the technicals elements of the design construction. Considering that this particular dress was animatronic, it would require certain elements of construction before the clothing element was added.

According to Daniel Burnett, one of the engineers who worked on the design, the robotics had to go through a series of tests before the clothing material elements were added onto the robotics. The team even had to go to the MET Museum to access how the venue setting would be, and even check for weather updates. One concern for Zendaya, however, was the dress burning up against her skin, Zendaya was quoted saying that she had to make her red carpet entrance quick because the electricity from the dress was causing it to heat up pretty fast.

Photo Credit: VOGUE and @dannybdesign on Instagram

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