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Zendaya Accepts The Green Carpet Fashion Awards Visionary Award In Gianni Era Versace!

Let me start this post off by saying OMG! When I first heard that that the Italian Fashion Organization  Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana was honoring Zendaya as the recipient of the "Visionary" award at the 2020 Green Carpet Fashion Awards, I was imagining which designer brand that she was going to wear to this particular event, and had my predictions set on the House of Versace or one of the other big Italian Fashion Houses.

Well, my prediction turned out to be right because she did indeed go with the House of Versace, and while I was hoping to see her don one of the looks from the new Spring 2021 RTW Collection, the look she decided to wear was SO MUCH BETTER because it was an original design from the Atelier's namesake, the late Gianni Versace.

(Gianni Versace with his Muses)

In one of my many fashion wishes for Zendaya, I have always wanted to see her in an original piece from Gianni Versace's archive because I always felt that Gianni Versace would have loved her as one of his muses if he were still alive today. Gianni Versace was one of those designers that transcended his industry as he was one of the most famous Fashion Designers in his era back at a time when Fashion Designers faces weren't as recognizable as their names, but not Gianni Versace who was just as famous as the many glamourous Supermodels that graced his catwalk runways because even if you didn't follow fashion, you knew who Gianni Versace was.

The Green Carpet Fashion Awards is all about sustainability, so what is sustainable for fashionistas other than shopping vintage? Zendaya's dress for the evening was a vintage gown from one of Gianni Versace's final collections which was the brown embroidered gown from the Fall 1996 RTW Collection originally modeled by Swedish Supermodel Anna K. The dress also came in a purple version that was modeled on the runway by French-Italian Supermodel Carla Bruni and featured in the Fall 1996 Ad Campaign starring Supermodel Kate Moss shot by the legendary photographer Richard Avedon giving this particular dress a very rich history.

(Carla Bruni and Kate Moss for Gianni Versace)

In an interview with British VOGUE, Zendaya's Image Architect LAW Roach explained to the magazine how and why he chose his specific look for Zendaya. The runway look was inspired by 90's Supermodels "She was actually born in 1996, so I thought that it'd be fun for her to wear something from that year. It's taking her back -- if Zendaya had been of age then, maybe she would have been a Versace model" he explained to the magazine.

While speaking to the magazine, Donatella Versace explained why she decided to offer a piece of Gianni Versace achieve to Zendaya for the event."Zendaya embodies what I admire most in younger generations. They are informed, they are very conscious about the problems the world is facing and they are not afraid to speak up. This is why I was honored to open the archive of Versace for her" she explained to the magazine.

For the jewels, as many of you may know now, Zendaya is one o the official Global Brand Ambassadors for the Italian Luxury Label BVLGARI, so naturally, she wore their jewelry for the event. Her jewels consisted of the Serpenti Earrings, the Snakewood and Diamond Serpenti Bracelet, and Ring, the Viper Ring, and the Diva's Dream Ring.

Keeping within the theme of sustainability, Zendaya's shoes came from her own closet, these shoes being a pair of Christian Louboutin "So Kate" 120mm pumps in "Safki" from the "Les Nudes" Collection. She previously wore these shoes on the red carpet of the 2018 MTV Movie Awards with the infamous Umbrella Shaped August Getty Atelier dress. 

Zendaya's award was presented to her by Legendary Supermodel and Activist Bethann Hardison. You can view Zendaya Accepting her Award below.

Photo Credit: Dominic Miller for Versace and MARKA

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