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You Can Now Own Rue's Hoodie From Euphoria All For A Good Cause!

If you saw the headline, the headline is correct! you can now officially own the original hoodie that Zendaya wore throughout Season One of "Euphoria" and benefit a great cause at the same time.

If you watched HBO's Euphoria then you should already be aware that the Maroon Hoodie is seen worn by Zendaya as her character "Rue Bennett" throughout the series has become one of the main pieces of iconography associated with the television show as it was revealed that the hoodie originally belonged to her deceased father Robert Bennett.

Now there is Good News to all of you Euphoria fans who want Rue Bennett's look, A24 the production company behind Euphoria is now auctioning off the hoodie that Zendaya originally wore in "Euphoria" for charity.

A24 has officially launched their auction website A24 Auctions, in which they are auctioning off several items from their TV Show and Film Productions, one of those items being Rue's original hoodie from "Euphoria", the hoodie in question being the hoodie that Zendaya wore in the Season Finale "All For Us" Music and Dance Sequence, the hoodie has two armpit incisions to accommodate a safety harness as seen in the picture below.

The Auction proceeds will go to benefit NYC Health + Hospitals, an organization that manages 42,000 Healthcare Professionals on the frontlines of fighting the Coronavirus. The organization provides Doctors, Nurses, and other Healthcare Professionals with meals, groceries, hotel rooms, laundry services, and many more services for Essential Workers. So if you bid in this auction you will be helping out a great cause.

You can bid on Rue's Hoodie on the link below

A24 Attic Auction: Rue's Hoodie

The Auction Will End On May 8, 2020

Photo Credit: HBO & A24

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