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Zendaya Shows Off Dewy Skincare In Hubble Studio Merch!


Long are the days when Zendaya was super active on social media, her social media has become 100% business as of late(who could blame her?), so it was very nice to see that she showed us all a peek at her skin glow-up via her most recent Instagram story.

Zendaya's Instagram Story

One noticeable item that caught my eye in her Instagram Story was the blue t-shirt that she was wearing that read "Ne Pas Fumer", which translates into "No Smoking" in French. Well if you are wondering where she got that t-shirt, then you have come to the right place, and if you are one of those working creatives already in the know then you would most likely recognize this shirt as one of the official merch items from the Los Angeles Art District's own photography studio Hubble Studio. Zendaya was recently spotted there presumably for her VOGUE Hong Kong photoshoot, so it is very cool to see her in their merch.  

Unfortunately, this t-shirt isn't readily available to purchase, but you can shop some similar phrased t-shirts in the widget below.

Photo Credit: @zendaya on Instagram


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